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We are

BERG Livestock.

Raising livestock is a family affair.

From the beginning, the children were considered equal partners in the business.

Proudly owned and operated by the Buttrey Family:

Brad, Emalee, Rachel and Grady

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We are
your farmer.

We produce flavorful, nutritious, and easy-to-prepare protein for you.


We raise animals that thrive on forage with minimal inputs.

We strive to be excellent stewards of the resources the Creator provides.

We appreciate you, our customer.

Meet the Team


BERG Livestock was founded in 2016 when the Buttrey family purchased two registered Red Angus cows and leased a small parcel of land. Though we have added more livestock and land since, we proudly remember our humble beginning and stay true to our roots by producing quality, not quantity. 

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Land Management

At BERG Livestock, our mission is simple:

Life Nourishing. Nourishing Life.

We carry out our mission by practicing regenerative agriculture, taking a holistic approach to land stewardship, food production, and raising our family.


Interested in our custom grazing services?

Contact us for availability.

Interested in making the change to regen ag but not sure where to begin?

Contact us about our land consultation services.


Interested in seeing regen ag in practice?

Contact us to schedule a tour.

Grassfed Lamb

Our lamb comes from animals born and raised on our land.

Lambs are adaptively grazed and supplemented as needed.


Lamb is seasonally available and once it's gone, it's gone!


 Taste the difference!

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Free Range Eggs

Our laying hens are raised 100% on pasture.


They are rotated to fresh grass frequently, along with their mobile coop, and receive a balanced pellet in addition to fresh forage, insects, and other goodies they find on pasture.

You'll love the flavor!

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